TVS Cable
Local Business, Local Investment for Eastern Kentucky


Supporting the community has been the focus of TVS Cable throughout the company's nearly 50 year history. 

“We believe it’s our obligation to give back to the local economy and the communities we serve”, said TVS Cable Owner/General Manager Archie Everage. “After all, we live here. Our employees work here, shop here, raise families here. This is our home. Our customers are our neighbors. So we want the very best for our community.”

And TVS Cable is working to provide the very best. The company has installed fiber facilities to as many as 27 area schools in three different counties, enabling them to receive dependable high-speed Internet and other communication services. The connectivity also allows for live coverage of school events such as basketball/football games, graduations, and more. The events are produced by TVS Cable’s Channel 24 division, which also produces and airs many other local community events and manages the company’s local commercial insertion advertising.

Mr. Everage has also been a part of the WYMT Mountain Classic basketball and Scholarship committee for more than seventeen years, serving as Chairman for the past twelve years. Under his leadership, the program, which started out twenty-nine years ago by awarding nine $1,000 scholarships to area High School seniors, now awards more than $100,000 in scholarships each year. Most state Colleges and Universities will match the scholarships for one to four years.

Supporting the local community. That’s how TVS Cable is investing in the future of Eastern Kentucky.